Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Post #7: Get To The Point


Jerry Ferguson is a very talented photographer and has an interesting portfolio site. It speaks on the issue of importance and hierarchy of information. Like any other portfolio is has work that shows the style and talent of the artist, in this this case photographer. However on this particular site right on the homepage is the full pricing information with customizable packages and various hourly rates. The site has a particular sense of professionalism that I feel is a great aspect for this type of commerce. Also there is a page specifically dedicated to pricing which has very well organized packages and pricing. This ensures the user of what they are paying for and the quality of the work. I found this concept of a portfolio, e-commerce hybrid a particularly good idea. On the other hand the design of the website lacks certain individuality and the ability to stand out. It is a good example of what a site is exactly intended for and how information can be arranged according to.

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