Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Post #6: Mobile Compatability

The need for mobile compatibility with the web has been, and continues to be a step in a new direction. Technology has given the ability of creating a cross platform presence whether it be commercial or otherwise. This is a site that offers a packaged e-commerce solution, an out of the box way for companies to sell via mobile device. As a designer I hate the idea of treating any type of design as a commodity, it requires a solution that is unique to the company itself. Regardless, this site shows the ever increasing popularity of mobile accessibility to the internet. When designing a website one can no longer think specifically for use on a computer but design in a sense of longevity and versatility. Other than that this particular website is structured like many other e-commerce sites. I find it funny that this is an e-commerce site that sells e-commerce sites, gotta love the business world.

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