Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Post #15: Innovation

With so many similar websites offering very similar experiences it is now more than ever a necessity to consider design innovation. There is no structured rules for the web and it should be an outlet for expression and individuality. A great example of web innovation is the moodstream website. It is an inspiration resource that is meant to affect the way your are thinking and in essence your mood. The user is given an interface with customizable settings. These settings tell the site your mood and how it should act according to the user. Once you add your settings it changes the visual and auditory stimulus to adjust according to your selections. It goes along with the user interaction and customizable aspects of the web. The design of the site is contemporary and offers and heir of simplicity. It is meant to be a tool for you to use and ultimately a use of technology to impact and improve everyday aspects of life.

Blog Post #14: User Collaboration

Mochi Media is the largest online network of gaming. One way they achieved this bragable title is the ability for the users to collaborate and update the site. This site offers a way for any aspiring game designer to build and share distributable social games. Mochi Media is in a sense the creative director of the site and the users are the people working for it. It is constantly updating because of the individual and how they benefit from designing for the site. Because of this necessary aspect of the site it offers an ability for a wide range of advertisement. People have been developing these types of games for a long time and it was up to them to distribute it as such. However when technology comes around that unifies and resources the online gaming development, its a website that in essence designed itself. I have bloged about networking and individuality and this site is a great culmination of a lot of the stuff I have been writing about.

Blog Post #13: Networking

Soonr is a very intelligent and successful idea of creating a unified interface and communication throughout a business. This idea of using the web as a tool for everyday life and functionality is a billion dollar industry. Soonr offers a service that shares business files immediately and securely at your command wherever you are. It gives the ability to finish your projects and conduct more business faster. It is a technological commonplace for multiple mobile devices and technology alike, as well as a collaboration of parts. Regarding the site it is effectively structured and easy to use. The web has become such a tool that it reaches out into everyday experience of how we do things. What might have taken a whole staff of people and specific jobs to do, now could possibly take one website with a updating and adaptable system. Technology connects people and it makes sense to see the need for a networking aspect for any web presence.

Blog Post #12: Site Navigation

Navigation sometimes seems to be overlooked in the since that it appears as an afterthought. A lone navigation bar in the top right corner, or simple navigation list seems to be overdone. Section Seven is a design firm that specializes in multimedia design. They found a way to incorporate their navigation withing the design of their site. Levels of information appear throughout the interaction of the site, and give forth to further specific information. It is a visual experience for a visual industry. The animated portfolio type presentation is extremely effective and easy to use. The complete library of their work is presented in a small compact and effective design. It gives the viewer a sense of tangibility and the sense of actually seeing the work in person. Treating the navigation of the site as something separate from the design results in a poorly constructed website. This site shows the possibility of incorporating in-site direction in new and innovative ways.

Blog Post #11: Self Promotion

This blog is a great example of how you can use already existing software that is free of charge to promote yourself or anything worth promoting. To buy your own site, host, and the time needed to establish it is not something everyone can do. This gives the reason to take advantage of free software that allows you to host a page for free. Ricardo Gimenes has a great blog in the sense that it references multiple aspects of his whole identity. It has his own personal illustrations, animations, and images that acts as links, much like a fully functioning website. If you do have an existing website it is always a good idea to reference it within another program such as facebook or blogspot to ensure searchability. Ricardo did a good job of referencing his site within many other and that is much more recognizable by search engines or anyone who is looking for it. Everything seems to be connected now and its always relevant to take advantage of any type of way to get your name out there.

Blog Post #10: Customize

Another way for a user to interact with a website is to make the website customizable to individual preferences. StumbleUpon is a content based search engine that adapts to the individual users interests and preferences. To sign up you have to identify your interests and hobby's amongst a list of previously loaded options. This list is pretty extensive and offers enough variation and diversity to allow a personal aspect to the site. After you do that you upload a icon into your search bar. For example in Firefox it is located under your Back and Forward buttons. When you click the icon it automatically takes you to a site that fulfills the previously established preferences and criteria. It offers a great way to promote varying experiences amongst many different kinds of users.

Blog Post #9: Content Based

Flash Earth is much like Google Earth with minor discrepancies. Like Google Earth, it is based around similar content however how the information is communicated to the user remains the biggest difference. I found this to be a good example of a website that shows possibility of interactivity and content based information. It utilizes imagery from a whole other source to create a unique and interactive web experience. It is a more visual alternative than to look at text on screen yet the same amount of information is still present. What the website is referencing does not need to be created by the web designer, it is just organized in a manner that is accessible to the user.