Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Post #13: Networking

Soonr is a very intelligent and successful idea of creating a unified interface and communication throughout a business. This idea of using the web as a tool for everyday life and functionality is a billion dollar industry. Soonr offers a service that shares business files immediately and securely at your command wherever you are. It gives the ability to finish your projects and conduct more business faster. It is a technological commonplace for multiple mobile devices and technology alike, as well as a collaboration of parts. Regarding the site it is effectively structured and easy to use. The web has become such a tool that it reaches out into everyday experience of how we do things. What might have taken a whole staff of people and specific jobs to do, now could possibly take one website with a updating and adaptable system. Technology connects people and it makes sense to see the need for a networking aspect for any web presence.