Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Post #14: User Collaboration

Mochi Media is the largest online network of gaming. One way they achieved this bragable title is the ability for the users to collaborate and update the site. This site offers a way for any aspiring game designer to build and share distributable social games. Mochi Media is in a sense the creative director of the site and the users are the people working for it. It is constantly updating because of the individual and how they benefit from designing for the site. Because of this necessary aspect of the site it offers an ability for a wide range of advertisement. People have been developing these types of games for a long time and it was up to them to distribute it as such. However when technology comes around that unifies and resources the online gaming development, its a website that in essence designed itself. I have bloged about networking and individuality and this site is a great culmination of a lot of the stuff I have been writing about.