Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Post #12: Site Navigation

Navigation sometimes seems to be overlooked in the since that it appears as an afterthought. A lone navigation bar in the top right corner, or simple navigation list seems to be overdone. Section Seven is a design firm that specializes in multimedia design. They found a way to incorporate their navigation withing the design of their site. Levels of information appear throughout the interaction of the site, and give forth to further specific information. It is a visual experience for a visual industry. The animated portfolio type presentation is extremely effective and easy to use. The complete library of their work is presented in a small compact and effective design. It gives the viewer a sense of tangibility and the sense of actually seeing the work in person. Treating the navigation of the site as something separate from the design results in a poorly constructed website. This site shows the possibility of incorporating in-site direction in new and innovative ways.

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