Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Post #3: Audience

This post is about the importance of knowing your audience and how in turn it can affect your design. For this I use the example of MTV's US and UK sites. The structure of information remains extremely similar throughout both sites, however it is the nature of the content that changes. This shows the importance of creating a visual experience that promotes effectiveness and logic. The design of this site is structured enough that it does not matter what the content is, but how it can readily be adapted to a completely different demographic. Knowing this, at the top of the site there is a disclaimer that tells the US user the "better experience" on the US site. Such a design could easily be a disaster in the since that it has loosely structured information and is unable to be updated and adapted as necessary. It is always interesting to see how a site with so much information is structured and how the efficiency and usability of the site gets affected for better or for worse.

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