Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blog Post #4: To Intro Or Not...


With an ever decreasing attention span amongst the web demographic, it brings up the interesting question of to have an intro page or not. What exactly does the intro do for the site? Well for this example it completely ruined the design of the site. The long drawn out and completely irrelevant intro page ultimately ends up at a page that does not let you into the site. The intro page is separate from the actual site. I mean who wants to sit through something like that and then actually spend the time to look through the site? Imagine if you used the site on a daily basis and had to watch that every time you entered the site. On the other hand I have seen Intro pages that utilize technology that ultimately benefit the overall design of the site. It is a double edged sword and one has to understand that the average user does not want to invest that much effort upon viewing your website. You have to show the meat and potatoes of the site right away to keep the attention. The funny thing is that someone spent a very long time doing the animation for the intro.... o well.

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